Jav - The Reel Fan Review

My love for movies started when I was as young as I can remember, with my mom taking me and my brother out to the movies just about every other Saturday in the Bronx. She would break the “rules” a few times with the old “see 2 for the price of one” trick and let her 6 year old see a bunch of Rated R movies. I probably shouldn’t have seen movies like the Dream Warriors (Nightmare on Elm Steet 3), but she put that love of movies into my life.  Now many years later, nothing beats waiting for a movie to come out after seeing the trailers, getting to that opening night and enjoying the movie with friends and the movie community on that 1st 7pm showing.  On top of that, now I get to do what I love to do after a movie and that’s to talk about them with friends and the rest of the movie community.

Jav's Top 3

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