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Avengers: Endgame – Marvel’s Love Letter to all of its fans (No Spoiler Review)

I don’t know how to describe Endgame. 

Is it Marvel’s best movie ever…no. Personally, I think Infinity War, Civil War & Winter Soldier are better movies.  However, is Endgame amazing, the perfect end to this 22 movie-arc story and gets you invested into just about every moment in it from beginning to end? Hell yes!

This quick story may tell you everything you need to know…

Walking out of Endgame, I was emotionally spent.  I had cheered and clapped with the crowd louder than I ever had watching a movie. I choked up like 4 to 5 times, didn’t cry, but man there were close calls a few times during this three hour epic tale.  

I walked out the theater, looked my friends dead in their eyes and told them, “I can’t watch that again.” And I was dead serious.  I couldn’t even imagine, in that exact moment, walking back in to see it again.  I couldn’t go through those emotions again as a fan, as a father or critic.  I’m good….lol. I was done.

Then the next morning (Friday morning), my wife asked how was the movie and I said it was epic, heavy, emotional and a perfect end.  My wife hit me with my very own “Wowwwww” and asked me to describe the ending to her.  I went over the details of the last hour of the movie and got to how it ended.  I started speaking about two specific parts of the ending when I noticed my shoulders starting to tremble, my eyes watering, my voice starting to shake and I just started to cry.

I haven’t cried about a movie since watching “Selma” two or three years ago and those tears came down my face hard.  Right there, right in that moment, less than 12 hours later…Avengers: Endgame officially got me right in my heart.

If you’ve seen all the MCU movies…..this movie was made for you.  If you’ve seen a few movies in this 22 arc story…this movie was made for you.  If you’ve never seen an MCU movie…this movie is one of the few movies I would say is the reason you should go watch these films.

Because it’s a love letter.  Well written, directed greatly, brilliantly acted and brought to us for believing in their plan and going along the ride.

If Marvel made no other movie after this, I’m telling you, you’d not only understand but be ok with it.  Lucky for us, the next story continues but man…what a journey.

Our Grade: You Need To See This!

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