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Brightburn…What if Superman wasn’t good?

Brightburn Review (Spoiler Free)

You ever wonder what you would do if you had superpowers?  Could you guarantee you’d always do the right thing?  Protect the world?  Or would you do whatever you wanted, knowing you couldn’t be stopped?  Brightburn is the answer to what happens if you’re not Clark Kent and truly good natured.

Brightburn stars Elizabeth Banks & David Denham as a couple dealing with infertility issues, who then get their opportunity to become parents when a spacecraft crash lands near their farm with a boy in it.  Believing this is a miracle and a prayer answered, they take in the boy as their own and raise him as their son.

Brandon Breyer, played by Jackson Dunn, has what seems like a normal childhood but starts to go through changes near his 12th birthday.  Without getting into spoilers, something causes Brandon to start experiencing weird thoughts and experiences that drive him to feel powerful and unstoppable.

The movie is a straight up Horror movie!  Yes, their’s some superhero tropes reversed here but this movie has “earned” jump scares, creepiness and some legit horrific hard to watch horror scenes.

If you’re a fan of horror movies, this won’t be your best horror movie this year but it will definitely entertain you.  If you’re a fan of superhero movies, this is a cool way to turn the genre on its head.  I will say I do feel like story was missing something to make it great.  Maybe more time developing the characters was needed but for what it is, it’s a good time at the theater and cool story.

And pay attention to what’s happening on the screen during the end credits!!!  We’ll talk about that on our Brightburn Review this week.

Our Grade: You Should See It

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