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Dark Phoenix…Better than what you’re hearing

Dark Phoenix Spoiler Free Review

Preparing to see a terrible movie, I was a little down going to go see Dark Phoenix.  My favorite YouTube Channels were killing it and some even recommended not seeing it.  So I even though about that.  Should I see it?  And then I remembered watching Glass and liking it plus I’ve invested time on this franchise.  Almost 20 years of Fox-Marvel X-Men……..I have to see it.

So luckily for me, I had the whole team wanting to go to from here at the Reel Fan Review, which alone amps me up to see the movie.  So we get to the theater and talk briefly about hoping not to be let down and man we weren’t at all!

From the beginning to the end, I was entertained and enjoyed the film.  Especially the last act of the film.  The movie community seems to be killing the movie for its slower paced 2nd Act but to be honest, it slowed down to get into some deep stuff with Prof. X & Beast, Magneto & Jean and some other story details.  I personally didn’t seem to mind and thought it was just adding some layers to its story.  I enjoyed our time with Magneto’s location and actually wanted more, but this movie is about Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force within her so I get it.

By no means is this movie perfect.  There are a number of plot holes within itself and the overarching story that they’ve been telling for these 19 years, but X-Men movies have been known for these inconveniences.  There’s also a plot involving Jessica Chastain’s character that truly serves no purpose other than to be just the bad guys of the movie.

With all that said though, in no way is this movie as terrible as the critics and Rotten Tomatoes score are selling it to be.  This is NOT the worst X-Men movie ever made.  X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Apocalypse, The Wolverine, and Last Stand are definitely worse than this movie.  It also isn’t comparable to Logan, Days of Future Past or X2: United.  It firmly takes its place right in the middle somewhere depending on your taste. If you’re an X-Men fan and you’ve seen all the other movies before it, you should definitely see this movie and finish off that Fox X-Men chapter.  If you’re not a fan of the X-Men, go check it out if you’ve seen Endgame like 5 times.  It’s a good time and a different take on the comic book movie genre that’s worth your time.

Our Grade: You Should See It

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