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Godzilla (2014)…You big tease you

Godzilla(2014) Rewatch Review (Spoilers)

So getting ready for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, you already know I had to get my prep game going.  I decided that Skull Island wasn’t necessary to watch again but the most recent Godzilla, definitely needed to be seen.  I looked through my collection of movies and saw that I didn’t own it in my library, so that must mean I didn’t think it was that great when I saw it in theaters.  Then I watched it again last night.  Now I remember why I didn’t own it.

For a movie titled Godzilla, there sure isn’t a lot of Godzilla which is very disappointing.  Especially with a majority of the movie being teased with glimpses of him or a big battle, only to be cut or taken away to go see what the humans are doing over and over again.

I get what the director, Gareth Edwards was aiming for. He was trying to give us that “big payoff” at the end of the movie as almost a thank you for waiting.  But it felt like that old carrot on the stick trick to keep us watching.  And what sucks about that, that payoff is awesome and only makes me wonder what those other fights would’ve been like had we got to see them.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Elizabeth Olsen both do good as our leads, but again, we’re here for the Monsters.  Bryan Cranston has a similar role as Godzilla in the movie which also sucks since he’s great in his role.  It’s just a shorter role than I would’ve hoped for him.

Now, I know this review sounds like a complete, “I Hated This Movie” but honestly, it is entertaining and good.  I just know in my heart what this movie could’ve been because when Godzilla is throwing down, it’s incredible!  But instead, this movie goes the Transformers route and chooses the humans over the star attraction of its movie.

I wouldn’t rush to see this movie, but if it were on, I’d keep the channel there and just enjoy a cool movie.

Our Grade: Don’t Rush To See It

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