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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol…The 4th time is the Charm

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Re-Watch (Spoiler Free)

So I started re-watching all the Mission Impossible movies all over again because the latest Mission Impossible, Fallout, came out in a particular crazy point in my life last year and I didn’t have a chance to see it in theaters.  My youngest was a newborn at the time (2 months old) and my oldest was 2 and if you have children, you know how crazy it can get…QUICKLY at those ages.  lol  So with more time freeing up lately, I’m ready to see Fallout, but first, I gotta do my prep work!

After re-watching the first three Mission Impossible movies, I kind of started questioning why I owned the first two on DVD since they weren’t “great”.  Maybe at the time they were but I found the first of the series to be cool, the second was ok (you can definitely tell it was John Woo directed) and the third I rented from the library and found that it was more my kind of movie but nothing great either.  So going into Ghost Protocol, I was tempering my expectations, not remembering much about it except the “Dubai Window Climb” and was pleasantly surprised and happy with what I saw.

Watching it in the dark of my room with headphones on, I sat through an exhilarating, smile-inducing ride. I laughed hard at certain scenes I completely forgot about, I definitely had a “Wow Face”  (that’s where it’s just my mouth open and no sound comes out) in a few scenes and just loved the pace and world traveling throughout the movie.

Tom Cruise kills it as Ethan Hunt, Paula Patton is absolutely amazing and Jeremy Renner and Simon Peg both round off the perfect cast and team of IMF agents working together to complete their mission.  The villain of the film isn’t overdone at all.  It almost feels as if he’s barely there, but you feel the tension he brings to the film throughout all the scenes from his introduction until the end.  With great set pieces, fights, story and all, this movie has everything you need in a great action adventure. 

If you’ve yet to see Ghost Protocol or haven’t seen it in a while, I say definitely give it a re-watch when you’re free.  It’s a bit long, running at two hours, but while watching it, it doesn’t feel long at all.  It’s just great popcorn movie-loving fun.

Our Grade: You Should See It

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