Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation…Spy vs. Spy Done Great

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Re-Watch (Spoiler Free)

Now into my 5th and final movie of my Mission Impossible re-watch series before seeing M.I.: Fallout, I’m starting to see why I was looking forward to Fallout so much.  With M.I. one, two and three just being ok movies, Ghost Protocol turned it up a few notches and Rogue Nation just keeps that excitement going.

Rogue Nation is Tom Cruise’s craziest, stunt and action-filled story in the series.  From motorcycle chases, insane car chases, fights, plane stunts and more, this movie keeps you entertained throughout the movie.  I still believe Ghost Protocol was a better told story but Rogue Nation’s action and set pieces kept things exciting.

Tom Cruise’s, Ethan Hunt character, meets his intellectual match in trying to unearth the secret organization known as the Syndicate.  With mastermind Solomon Lane, played by Sean Harris, always three steps ahead, he becomes Ethan Hunt’s greatest challenge yet.

Cruise’s team of IMF agents played by returning actors Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and Jeremy Renner are again perfect together to give us laughs and excitement.  And new to the series are Alec Baldwin as CIA Director Alan Hunly and Rebecca Furguson as the disavowed ass-kicking IMF agent Ilsa Faust who kills it in this movie. 

Rebecca Furguson’s addition alone makes this story interesting with the way she plays her character that keeps you wondering who’s side is she truly on.  And don’t even get me started with the entire Opera Scene.  Just movie awesomeness!!! Rogue Nation is pretty damn entertaining and at the moment, my second favorite of the series behind Ghost Protocol.  I’m now ready to watch Fallout immediately, but I’d definitely recommend seeing this one too if you missed it or hadn’t had a chance to catch it.

Our Grade: You Should See It

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