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Night School

Being just funny at times gets you an average grade.

Night School is a comedy featuring Kevin Hart as Teddy Walker, a great and talented salesman and hustler that can talk himself into, and out of, just about everything, and Tiffany Haddish as a dedicated teacher at a high school.

The story starts off with Teddy portraying a lifestyle he can’t afford in effort to impress his girlfriend and then losing his job due to a fire that he accidentally starts while proposing to her. Now needing to maintain his lifestyle quickly before his new fiance notices he isn’t the financially stable man he pretends to be, he tries to obtain another job quickly, but without a high school degree, it leaves him with few choices.

A friend of Teddy’s then offers him a shot at working for his Stock firm, but in order to even be considered, he needs to have his GED. So Teddy goes back to his old high school to enroll for night school when he finds an old high school rival, played by SNL’s alum Taran Killum, as the Principal of the school and Tiffany Haddish’s character, Carrie, as the night school teacher.

The three characters each are funny, but somthing was just off somewhere in either the chemistry, or the writing of this movie. With these three actors alone, I was expecting to laugh a lot more than I actually did and when a comedy doesn’t make you laugh more than you think it should, it says all you need to know.

Now, there were a few times I was laughing hard, but for the majority of this move, I snickered, or just watched the movie play out. Even with the addition of the Night School “Students”, such as Romany Malco and Rob Riggle, I expected more laughs than what I had.

By no means was it a “paint by the numbers” comedy movie but for Hart & Haddish being in this movie together, I needed and wanted more from both actors. It honestly was just ok.

Our Grade: Don’t Rush To See It

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